He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his mind is a craftsman He who works with his hands and his mind and his heart is an artist

~ St Francis of Assisi

Monday, April 11, 2011

While the Cat's away...ooops SHE'S away

WHOOHOOO!!! She's busy working on her "stuff" so I can get my two cents in on this thingy she's done.
I noticed that she hadn't mentioned my illustrious self.....can't imagine why, since I am King of the House.
I do share it with two other lesser creatures, but they know who's boss!!! She named me Thomas....which took a bit to accept, you know "Tom" Cat...she wasn't too original!!! My secret cat name is  Duke, I have purrrfected the John Wayne walk to a T-- got the swagger down pat.

She's in for the day so she's  got my favorite spot covered with all these boxes full of small things so I can't get a nap or watch birdies out the window today..and it's a really good day to nap!! Those small things end up on the floor are too tiny to even bat around . Personally I don't see the need for all those doodads on the wrist or neck. I don't even want a collar on me ( hope she doesn't try to make me one of those..MEEEEEEOOOWWWW)

I've been waiting for her to make a cat shrine...dedicated to me.......maybe with a tiny mouse skull or parts of a bird, a little catnip ball,  a few feathers..haven't seen anything that might work for me in her stash, although it does keep growing. A few encouraging meows might get her going in that direction.......well, it's worth a try.

Oops. looks like she's coming this way!! Guess I'd better make myself scarce and find a different place to nap for awhile. Maybe I will able to continue my tail...sorry, tale, at a later date.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baaaa Baaaaa Black Sheep

This is the shop owned by one of my best friends, Donna Wink-Mitchell....more like "partner in crimes" LOL...
As she is closed on Mondays, we are usually on the road "junking" to replenish  her shop and me to hopefully add items to my antique booth. There's just no telling where we will end up on these road trips....but we ALWAYS have fun!!!
I've included some photos of her shop...It was originally a country general store/gas station. She and her husband totally remodelled the interior . Everyone who comes in remarks that they could live there.It's just that cosy & wonderfully decorated with a wide variety of antique styles, although Donna has a special love for primitives...and a great eye for them!!
All of the items shown  are for sale..if you see something you like,  leave a comment about the  the item & I will get back to you with info to contact her.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Everything but the kitchen sink...but it looks good !!!!!

Until lately, my antiquing/"junking" or auctioning revolved around large pieces of primitive furniture..not that I'd always buy it, but OHHHH it would make me drool!! Now I'm looking at the glass cases I steered away from or am in the back yard for that part of the auction. I will say my back is thankful for the change!!!
The sudden change in my "hunt" stems from my re-found love of making jewelry. I "got into" beading way before beaded jewelry was all the rage....
NO, I will not go into how long ago it was, suffice it to say I'm always too early or way behind in the new fads in artistic endeavors.
Luckily I had kept all the beads I bought in the Dark Ages( did I mention I hate to get rid of things...this time it paid off !!!) Found object jewelry became my new fascination...a natural progression with my love for antiques . Of course, the rest of the known world has been into this for years( again, I'm behind!!! ) My tombstone will say she was ahead of her time or behind..now it won't matter LOL

In case you aren't familiar with this type of jewelry, it can be created in varying degrees of unusual objects - many being commonplace items with a bit of aging. Rivets, brass or steel washers, old coins, dominos, dice, medals, small plastic toys, tokens....the list goes on and on. Add old watch parts & you've then thrown Steampunk into the mix.

My jewlery combines found object with antique / vintage beads for the majority of the items used. Most necklaces are fastened with remnants of silk cuttings from saris ( usually from Nepal or Tibet)
OK...enough about this obsessive/compulsive addiction. On to the goodies!!
Etsy's my next step to conquer where I will have my jewelry for sale. As soon as I get that completed, there will be a link to it on here]

Monday, April 4, 2011

One small shaky step..........

   Creating a blog was something I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd be doing.....and LOOK..here I am.
   Nevermind that I had to learn about Photoshop ( still an ongoing ..VERY slow process) since I wanted my own "special" blog ..LOL. Then the whole lengthy blog thingy. Did I mention that I have NOT kept up with computer technology????? ALl of this while dealing with a horrendous connection that kicks me off at the most inopportune times..like right before I have something saved..ARRRGHHHHHH
  BUT it IS Monday and that's always my special day to start a new project. Yeah right, like my starting back up at the gym. That has yet to happen...but I do have the best of intentions..that ought to count for something..Right???
  The impetus into the" World of Blog" was the creation of my first public shrine/altar ( which should probably be left to my second post...just in case I can't think of anything to say) Although I have no children , this project felt like I'd given birth ...it didn't take 9 months, but felt like it!!!
  Let me back up a minute...I should probably introduce myself..Hi, I'm Grace...an addicted antique dealer,thrift store shopper,  mixed media jewelry artist, and now a shrine maker. Isn't that how 12 step programs work????? To stay I believe in reduce, recycle and reuse is an understatement.
 Now that I've embarked on this new...well, adventure's the nicest word I can think of or say on here. I will let you take a look at my 10 lb baby ...never let it be said that I start things in a small way!!!