He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his mind is a craftsman He who works with his hands and his mind and his heart is an artist

~ St Francis of Assisi

Monday, January 16, 2012

Crafty Christmas & Phototransfers Galore!!!

     It's taken me this long to recoup from my " Crafty Christmas".....I now remember why I don't usually give gifts I make for Christmas presents!!! It doesn't help being a procrastinator by heart :-)
    Every Christmas I go to Lexington for " Friend's Christmas". There are 4 of us that are extremely close...... we exchange presents & have a wonderful meal. I got the well, at the time I thought brilliant idea to make them all ornaments of their pets. I should mention now that this involved a number of pets...including 2 that were dead. I had the living room floor covered with pics of them ...as I'm a Photoshop newbie, getting them the dimensions I needed for the ornaments was sort of trial and  error..EXTREMELY trial and error..LOL These were done on vellum so the image showed thru on both sides...which was sooo handy for a glass ornament where all sides show. in a weak moment I also decided to do a few phototransfers of a few of the pets & frame them from my huge stash of antique frames. I finally got into a rythm until I ran out of ink..GRRRRRRRRR....Sooooo, off to Staples I went. Just remember NO ONE ever said craft projects were cheap!!!
   Since I was now on a roll with the phototransfering, I did 2 each for friends that have become " adopted g'mothers of friend's small daughters. This took more expertise than the previous transfers, since I was using antique postcard images & had to replace the faces & get skin tones to match . While I was just cruising with the copying, working with Photoshop was a definite challenge!!!! There were a lot of unmentionable words said during the editing process.
   I have a bad habit of not getting pics of any of my projects....but one of the recipients took pics for me. Their  room gets quite a bit of light, they look more faded than they really are.
 The first image has Zoe holding onto a star & flaoting in the clouds.
This image has Scout being suspended in a bundle and held by a swallow.

This was made just this week for a couple at church & their first great grandchild. I used a variety of silk ribbon and ribbon yarn to decorate the edges of the frames. Luckily I had the perfect colors to match the muted pink, purple & green in the image. 

      I used the freezer paper method of transfering a photo to muslin, which worked fairly well. I only got the paper with fabric hung up in the printer a "few" times. I was just glad my printer ( inkjet)still worked after I had gotten them all done   This seemed to be a much easier method...not as much mess, although I wonder if the colors would have come out a little brighter. I don't mind the muted colors, since it's "supposed" to have a vintage look.


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