He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his mind is a craftsman He who works with his hands and his mind and his heart is an artist

~ St Francis of Assisi

Monday, January 16, 2012

Scottish Shrine.....Soul's Journey

     As the name of my blog tells all...I am obsessed with Scotland, which manifested itself after a 12 day trip to all parts of the country. My ancesters came from Scotland and I truly felt like I had "come home" . I had bits and pieces( plus small stones I had snuck in my luggage..LOL) from my trip there plus loads of pics but I really wanted to do something special to commemorate the trip.
    I ran across an antique lamp in one of my junking travels, instead of glass it had mica but one panel was missing....I didn't really care since I saw it as a platform for some kind of shrine. It sat around for awhile before I could determine what I really wanted to do with it. During this time, I decided I needed Photoshop since I had been bookmarking all sorts of antique & vintage images ......not that I  knew what I was going to do with them, but it seemed like the thing to do at the time..LOL Just another example of my hoarding . One never knows when something will be needed!!
   Along with the lamp, I also came across a Scottish dancer & bagpipe player pins that I thought could be used in either a necklace or shrine. While collecting a myriad of odd pieces, I also became interested in putting patinas on objects...to take the "shine" off of them. I ran across Modern Masters patinas on the web & found that the Porter Paints in my town had theirs ON SALE!! Whooooohoooooo. I had died and gone to heaven!! Anything that wasn't tied down got a patina for awhile...LOL///along with my dancer & bagpiper.

  Since I multitask ( not well at times, but I try) I also was trying to figure out Photoshop ( it's still an ongoing process) I worked on a collage of images that reflected Scotland. Finally getting one that I was satisfied with, I got to work on a shrine. Antique door parts got used, a compass, my stones I had collected while I was there...This is the final product

I was very pleased with the overall look of the shrine. I found the Celtic words for Soul's Journey & that's put into the door lock. Inside is my version of a Celtic cross....with door parts & a clock part. The image attached is for the trip to the isle of Iona ( where Christianity was brought to Scotland)

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  1. Oh, JOY! You are back! I am just thrilled and have checked each and every day. Your accomplishments, projects and forrays have been so enjoyable and your work is wonderful. WELCOME BACK