He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his mind is a craftsman He who works with his hands and his mind and his heart is an artist

~ St Francis of Assisi

Monday, April 11, 2011

While the Cat's away...ooops SHE'S away

WHOOHOOO!!! She's busy working on her "stuff" so I can get my two cents in on this thingy she's done.
I noticed that she hadn't mentioned my illustrious self.....can't imagine why, since I am King of the House.
I do share it with two other lesser creatures, but they know who's boss!!! She named me Thomas....which took a bit to accept, you know "Tom" Cat...she wasn't too original!!! My secret cat name is  Duke, I have purrrfected the John Wayne walk to a T-- got the swagger down pat.

She's in for the day so she's  got my favorite spot covered with all these boxes full of small things so I can't get a nap or watch birdies out the window today..and it's a really good day to nap!! Those small things end up on the floor are too tiny to even bat around . Personally I don't see the need for all those doodads on the wrist or neck. I don't even want a collar on me ( hope she doesn't try to make me one of those..MEEEEEEOOOWWWW)

I've been waiting for her to make a cat shrine...dedicated to me.......maybe with a tiny mouse skull or parts of a bird, a little catnip ball,  a few feathers..haven't seen anything that might work for me in her stash, although it does keep growing. A few encouraging meows might get her going in that direction.......well, it's worth a try.

Oops. looks like she's coming this way!! Guess I'd better make myself scarce and find a different place to nap for awhile. Maybe I will able to continue my tail...sorry, tale, at a later date.

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  1. Cats? I must be at the right blog! Doolaly seems appropriate to me. I'll bookmark you...
    Dr. DP